Enough is Enough

Occasionally primatomma shares contributions from our loyal readers. Such opinions are those of the reader and not necessarily shared by the staff of primatomma.

The following reflects upon recent events of violence in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and elsewhere from primaJP, a Veteran who simply “gets it” and has had enough:



Dear Ignorant Civilians,

I will not be a part of your race war. You can take it and shove it up your ungrateful asses. I will not fall victim to ruthless, crooked politicians who employ race baiting slum lords to carry out their dirty work in a effort to divide the red, white and blue nation we built in unison. I know a different place where men/women see no color – I’ve seen it, I’ve felt it, I’ve sweat for it and I’ve cried for it. You’ll never break our spirit.

I do not support/will not tolerate the killing of Police Officers, Military Veterans, innocent civilians or targeting people for their sexual orientation, religion or skin color.

If you’re committing a crime, violently resisting arrest or make a sudden, questionable move at gun point from an LEO, you should anticipate great bodily harm or even death. If an LEO has a gun to your chest, the situation is serious – if you do not follow instructions, there’s a chance you WILL be killed. It’s not racist, it’s not unfair – it’s consequences – even if the LEO is wrong, you will still be dead, your family will be left to grieve.

If you’re going to seek employment in Law Enforcement, please ensure you are up to the challenges, training, physical and mental standards that are required with the job. A lifetime behind bars or exiled as a murderer is not worth decent pay and a pension. Military aside, LEO the forefront of the first responder community. Be educated, be prepared and be ready to own your actions – if you’re faking it for the benefits, you are a liability to yourself, your fellow officers and the citizens you swore to protect.

Social justice warriors – please stop talking about how certain people have privilege or should feel guilty for being American or whatever other nonsense your “Professor” mentioned in your last class. Maybe you feel guilty because you haven’t done anything with your life. Maybe you feel guilty because you’ve never stood up for something larger than yourself. Maybe you’re not pleased with who you are, your lack of spine, awareness, experience, confidence or self worth. Sitting in a college quad, smoking pot with a bunch of upper-middle class kids (who look just like you) from neighborhoods just like yours and talking about equality is not making a difference. Do less whining and more doing – look around you – I see it all the time in NYC, guys walk right by a mother (who happens to be ethnic) struggling to get her heavy stroller up a long flight of stairs with 2 young kids by her side – too busy on their phones to help I guess? That’s okay, I usually step in and pick up your pathetic ignorance and slack – right before you created that neat little meme about “privilege”…..

Internet ISIS Hunters/Cross fit operators – buying tactical clothing, sporting beards, running around with stupid Spartan swag and doing silly WODs/races/challenges doesn’t make you a veteran, “professional soldier” or whatever the fuck else you think you are….I don’t care if you almost joined, I don’t care if the race you did was invented by secret recon delta force astronauts. I don’t care about your “friends” (Facebook pages) who are SEALs. Stop shoving “freedom” in everyone’s faces if you never served a day in uniform. If you’re passionate enough about it, join – make a difference, if not, it’s all good – just go be you.

Last, I’d like to create a motion for us Mediterranean people to exit the Caucasian race. We feel we’d do better on our own since we tend to have olive skin and tan better than the rest of you 🙂 We will now be labeled as tan people in addition to the black, brown and yellow people. #MedExit