primatomma – it’s a lifestyle, an attitude, a way of getting things done.  Expecting the best of others because you give your best… always.  You don’t half-ass solutions and don’t accept half-ass service.  You work hard and play harder; you reap what you sow and start all over again.  You don’t expect handouts and when you give, you give with a purpose.  You believe in equal opportunity for all and reject those who bitch and moan, claiming to be oppressed while living off the dole.  And you challenge anyone to eff with you … they’ll be on the business end of a beat down soon!

Our philosophy is to inspire those who think like us; not to be everything for everyone but to feed the movers and shakers, the Alpha dogs, men and women who rip out the needle vs. merely moving it.

If you’re ready to own the room, open the throttle, run the rack, and kick sand on the faces of the uninspired, you’re ready for primatomma!Blanks

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