Super Eagles Summary: Philly Special


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“Philly Special”.  By now, everyone knows Dougie P’s code for the gutsiest play call in Super Bowl history.  The direct snap, reverse, throw back to our QB for a touchdown that will be remembered forever in the annals of Philadelphia Eagle lore and Super Bowl greatest moments history.  Consider the sequence:  A direct snap to an undrafted back-up running back, who then pitches to an undrafted back-up tight end, who then throws the ball to a back-up QB who two years ago pondered retirement to pursue a career as a pastor.  Touchdown!  A play that the QB called himself and agreed by (and created by) a coach who was running a high school team just 10 year ago.  This stuff can’t be made up!

Your Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl Champions!  Let that sink in for a minute.  Honestly, it hasn’t sunk in yet in the primatomma offices.  Closure is needed … perhaps celebrating with 3 million of our best friends tomorrow on Broad St. will do the trick.


Why we won:  ???

Nick Foles/Doug Pederson, they’re getting most of the ink and rightfully so.  I mean how could they not???  Foles arguably out-dueled the greatest QB of our time – possibly ever – if you take away the interception when Alshon Jeffrey almost made a miraculous catch.  And Pederson?  This dude will forever walk with the Philly coaching legends … Fred Shero, Billy Cunningham, Dick Vermeil, Dallas Greene.  His handling of this team is nothing short of excellent.  Losing as many key players as he did and still winning the Super Bowl?  Incredible.

But we go next level here.  All the rags can state the obvious.  Not here.  Not now.  Here’s the keys to victory beyond the obvious.

  • Women and Weed, meet Malcolm Butler.  Its the age old warning, immortalized by Mickey Goldmill:  “Women weaken legs!”.  Add-in some reefer plus missed practices from being sick and you wind up on Emperor Belichick’s shit list.  Having played 98% of the Patriot defensive snaps this year, Butler’s decision-making forced Patrick Chung and Eric Rowe into bigger roles than they should ever play. And if you read the Super Bowl preview columns right here, you’ll note the prescient “Reason for Eagle Victory” being the existent of those two Jabrones on the Pats defense.  Malcolm Butler, we salute you … sort of.
  • Nelson Agholor.  This dude flat out balled!  He’s going to be overshadowed by the incredible performance by Foles but his impact was 1A on this game.  His stat line was not other-worldly:  9 receptions for 84 yards; one carry for 9 yards.  But the impact of those plays cannot be overstated.  He was clearly the game-planned go-to in early downs.  Possibly due to weak coverage thx to Mr. Butler’s strong decision making above.  But he came through time and again.  A real tribute when you look at his body of work.  Last season, he was about run out of town due to a perceived allergic reaction whenever the football approached his personal space.  No more.  #13 is a key member of this squad and a big reason why we’re Super Bowl champs.
  • Defense.  You read that right.  Defense.  “But prima, how can we laud the defense when we gave up 33 points and didn’t force a single punt the entire game?”  This is why we provide next level analysis:  The defensive line got to Brady.  Maybe not on the stat sheet as sacks, but they hit him… a lot.  Brandon Graham’s strip sack was obviously the biggest defensive play of the game. But Malcom Jenkins’ near decapitation of Brandin Cooks – forcing him to finish the game in the locker room – eliminating Brady’s top long ball option, and Rodney McLeod’s stopping of Mr. Cooks during an ill-advised hurdle attempt of the Eagle defender on a crucial 3rd down catch and run, forcing a FG attempt by the Pats which they missed were both critical plays in this game.  And it was just enough to bring Mr. Lombardi to Philly.

Last but not least, the Fans:  All of you reading who identify as Eagles fans – both lifelong and even those who supported the ‘Birds for just Super Bowl Sunday due to your disdain for the rule-bending, always catching the breaks, referee blowing Patriots – you played a HUGE role.  Let’s start with our reporter at the game, primaMurbase.  He reported a Linc-esque home field advantage for the boys in green.  From the TV broadcast, the Eagle hometown feel was immediate when the Patriots took the field, boos serenading down from every corner of the stadium.  We outnumbered the Pats fans 4-1 by some reports and the noise sounded even louder.  Did it impact Mr. Gisele?  Hard to say as he moved like a hot knife through butter most of the game.  But the other 53, definitely!  Start with the long snapper who botched the Pats early FG snap leading to a miss, and then the missed XP.  Were the Pats forced to go silent count on the pivotal play when Graham got to Brady in the 4th, causing the fumble?  Possible, and that may have provided the slightest advantage for Graham to beat his man en route to Brady.

You Eagles fans have been waiting and waiting and waiting.  The prize has found it’s way to Broad and Pattison.  For the final time of this series, and in the immortal tone of Andy Reid, the time AND THE SUPER BOWL LOMBARDI TROPHY are now YOURS!!!

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