6 Days of Super Eagles … Days: 0


#Eagles #SuperBowlLII #FlyEaglesFly

And then there were none.  We’ve made it, it’s GO time!  Short of any late breaking news of our guys being stuck in Canada after a bender or pro’s being shuffled from the team hotel, we are ready – players and fans alike!

Zero hour is a welcome respite for the legions of ‘Birds fans who made the trek to the frozen tundra of Minneapolis as well as those watching the game with loved ones.  The last two weeks were simply Chinese water torture.  Drip, Drip, Drip.

But it’s all over… the waiting… the experts picking against the Eagles… the public betting ON the Eagles.  At 6:30PM today, we embark on exorcising the demons of the last 52 years.  By 10:30PM we’ll be dancing in the streets, sliding on Crisco greased poles, and hopefully not punching police horses.

Why will this happen?  Read on…

Day 0 Jersey:  Brian Dawkins

There are a handful of players who epitomize the spirit of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Chuck Bednarik, Bill Bergey, Vince Papale, Wes Hopkins, Jeremiah Trotter, Reggie White, Wilbert Montgomery.  I’m sure you have your personal favorites as well.  But no one can top the indomitable spirit, the blood and guts toughness, the ‘take no prisoners’ approach to the game EVERY TIME he hit the field than Brian Patrick Dawkins. THE choice of jersey for Super Bowl LII .  No one better to represent our hopes and dreams as we snuff out the evil dynasty much like he snuffed out TE’s and WR’s who dared to cross the middle on his watch!

As if we needed any more signs from above that today is the Eagle’s day, the day that we flush the jayvee barb “how many Super Bowls have YOU won?” (especially from morons who’s teams didn’t make the playoffs … and aren’t going to any time soon):  BDawk was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame last night!  Can this get any more poetic???

Dawkins success as a game day jersey is phenomenal.  Logging a 75%+ success rate over 10 years of wears, his jersey is hands down the only choice of garb today.  With wears the last two playoff games, there really is no decision to make.

In Weapon X we trust!


Day 0 Reason for Eagle Victory:  IT’S OUR DAMN TIME!

Enough of the statistics, trends, and posulates pointing to Eagle victory.  Hyperbole and disrespect is great bulletin board material, but we’re more astute than that.  Here’s the reason.  Because it’s our time!

That’s right, it’s the natural order of things.  Good always beats evil, but only after trials and tribuations.  Being so close in ’04 was excruciating.  Losing our top 4 most important position players should have eliminated any chance of the golden ring this year.  Except it didn’t.  We rallied.  We proved the naysayers wrong.  We showed the league what a true TEAM looks like as opposed to a mere collection of the parts.

Are we deserving as fans – a collection of hudloms who needed a jail at the Vet to control our drunken behavior, 700 level cast-offs who refused to give up on their team even during the dark days of Ray Rhoades and Andy Reid’s clock management ineptitude, shooting flares across the field and punching any opposing fan in the mouth who dared disrespect our loyalty and commitment???  Damn right we are.  For what goes unreported in the media is the recipients of our ire, flipping us off with double birds along with expletives that will go unsaid, this being the day of the Lord.  In short, F with us and prepare for a can of whup-ass.

Good will triumph over evil today.  We’ve paid our dues.  We are NOW due.  And don’t get it twisted:  We may not be ‘good’ in the purest sense; more like the Wolverine from  X-Men brand of good.  We have our warts, our demons, and questionable reactions to offensive stimulii.  But in the end, we protect our own, we welcome respectful critique, and we get up every time we’re knocked down.  And when we climb that riser collectively as Eagle nation tonight around 10:30PM, the old and young will embrace and laugh and cry and rejoice.  For the road was long and filled with peril.  And we’ve made it home.  Advantage:  EAGLES

We made it to Super Sunday boys and girls.  And guess what???  The DAMN TIME IS NOW OURS!!!  LET’S GO … E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!!

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