6 Days of Super Eagles … Days: 1


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Just one more day … we feel your anxiety.  But let not your heart be troubled for we have the elixir for a worry free day.  Put away your tin foil hats, Tom Brady voodoo dolls, 4-leaf clovers, and other amulets; the hay is in the barn and a calm is about to envelop you. For the Eagles are winning this Super Bowl – and what better conditions to do so?  Up against the greatest football dynasty since the Steel Curtain of the ’70s, in ridiculous Minnesota where, “its 5 degrees today but don’t worry, it feels like -20”, with our back-up QB, and a nation between a rock and hard place:  “Do I root for the Evil Empire where cheating is a birthright or do I root for the town that threw snowballs at Santa Claus and had a jail in their stadium?”  Snowflakes … all of them.

History lesson:  In the 2001 season Super Bowl, the same sentiments pervaded the public psyche.  The 14-2 Rams with storybook QB Kurt Warner and offensive mastermind Mike Martz’ “Greatest Show on Turf”, were making their 2nd Super Bowl appearance in 3 seasons… as a 14 POINT FAVORITE over the upstart Patriots.

Now let’s look at those ’01 Patriots and tell me if there’s any similarities to today’s Eagles:

  • They had a second year starting QB destined for greatness (granted, ours is injured).
  • The game was an afterthought to most of the country as a 14 point underdog really had no chance.
  • It was the Patriots 3rd Super Bowl appearance ever, having lost the previous two.

Eerie. We predict that history repeats itself and kicks off an unprecedented run of Eagle success over the next decade.  Now relax, and read on…

Day 1 Jersey:  Wilbert Montgomery

The Super Bowl LII jersey decision has reached crunch time, leaving our two favorite jerseys to choose for the big game.  Sadly, someone had to lose … wrong word … “not win” as there’s no loser in this group!

This throwback jersey for Wilbert Montgomery – another diminutive running back who logged 8 seasons with the ‘Birds from 1977-1984 – is special.  It has been worn for the biggest games but with mixed results.  Only about 50% wins which drops our favorite jersey out of the pole position for this Super Bowl.

Wilbert was a key – maybe THE key – cog to our first Super Bowl appearance, a loss to the Oakland Raiders in 1980.  He was the finest running back to wear Eagle green until Shady McCoy had his run.  He shattered the Eagle’s rushing stats and remains a fan favorite amongst all who had the pleasure to witness his greatness.

Interesting fact.  Beyond the motivation to avenge his own Super Bowl loss Wilbert has another demon to slay:  Who do you think was the running backs coach for the Rams in 2001, the Super Bowl that kickstarted the Patriot dynasty?  That’s right, #31.  Payback time!!!


Day 1 Reason for Eagle Victory:  Who do they take away?

Bill Belichick has a hallmark defensive philosophy that has served him extremely well:  Take away whatever his opponent does best.  Kill the head and the body will follow.  The notion is simple; snuffing out the best of the opponent leaves the Pats with the belief that the rest of their team will be better prepared to beat the rest of their foe.

Problem is, ain’t gonna work this time.  And that’s not a homer opinion, but fact.  Follow the bouncing ball here peeps:  The Eagles don’t rely on just one thing that they do great.  Rather, they do a LOT of things very well.  So you want to devote your defensive resources to stopping what you feel is the Eagles best weapon?  Fine, you’ll be gashed … a death by 1,000 cuts.  Take away Ajayi?  OK, we’ll put your weak side linebacker/safety in a bind and RPO his ass with Agholar while the J-Train takes the defense with him.  Take away Zach Ertz?  OK, tie up your Safety and a Linebacker with him while Alshon burns you one on one.  Take away the deep ball?  Foles is just fine taking the 8-10 yard completions as the Eagles have turned those into 20-30 yard gains this season.

So pick your poison Bill Vader; whichever you choose is going to hurt.

Offensive Diversity … Advantage:  EAGLES

Rest easy Eagle nation, the time is yours.

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