6 Days of Super Eagles … Days: 2


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2 more days.  2 more days until the greatest day of your life Eagles fans.  And have no doubt; this Sunday you will be crowning your Philadelphia Eagles as Super Bowl LII Champions!  And your MVP???  You’ll have to read to the bottom to see that.  But the stars are aligned as illustrated in this blog series.  The X’s and the O’s, cosmic forces, and public will are gathering into a tempest that will finally tousle that perfect Benedict Brady coif.

Before today’s reason for victory, a moment on our jersey choice just 2 days prior to Super Bowl Sunday:

Day 2 Jersey:  Donovan McNabb

The writers at primatomma scratch our heads when discussing the greatest Eagle QB in the modern era and his relationship with fans post-retirement. Some still hang the Super Bowl loss on him, conveniently forgetting the handicap of playing for the most inept clock manager of all time, Andy Reid. Others quickly forget the excellence and toughness he brought to his craft remembering instead his final two journeyman seasons.  Such misguided souls …  because the greatest modern era Eagle QB is certainly Mr. Campbell Soup himself, Donovan Jamal McNabb.  Don’t get it twisted; the man bled green for the most successful Eagles’ era in recent history.

Its funny that we don’t know what we got till it’s gone (or never arrives).  Here’s the litany of inept QB’s post- Randall and pre- Wentz who we had the pleasure to mercilessly boo (the undeserving in italics):

Rodney Peete – Ty Detmer – Bobby Hoying – Doug Pederson (yes, THAT Doug Pederson) – Koy Detmer – AJ Feeley – Mike McMahon – Jeff Garcia – Kevin Kolb – Vince Young – Michael Vick Nick Foles Mark Sanchez – Sam Bradford.

Compare these drecks’ accomplishments to Donovan’s 5 NFC East Championships, 5 NFC Championship Games, 1 NFC Championship, 1 Super Bowl appearance, while becoming the Eagles’ all-time leader in pass attempts, pass completions, passing yards, and passing touchdowns.  If you still harbor negative feelings for 5, it may be time up your Prozac. For 11 mostly glorious years, 5 gave his all without a bona fide #1 receiver, but for one full year exception with Terrell Owens.  The rest of his tenure, it was 5 making Wide Receiver salad out of Wide Receiver shit.

And remember, “#5 will always love you!


Day 2 Reason for Eagle Victory:  Defense

Back to the X’s and O’s.  If there’s one axiom that’s been burned into our collective brain from the football illuminati, it’s “Defense Wins Championships”. And if that’s truly the case then get your champagne ready for poppin’.

Everybody knows that you don’t blitz Brady; that he’ll recognize fewer defenders in coverage and pick you apart.  But that has led to a false sense of security when there’s not pressure, him being one of the most aggressive QBs this season at throwing to covered receivers.  Well, the Eagles are the best in the NFL at limiting the effectiveness of throwing into coverage, holding QBs to a paltry 16.6 passer rating when their defender is within proximity of the intended receiver.  Jim Schwartz blitzes LBs and DBs sparingly, relying instead on his front 4 to pressure the QB … of which they are one of the best in football.  Expect a lot of zone coverage in early downs with man-under concepts on 3rd downs to force stops.  Of course the Pats will counter with rub routes in such situations which you can believe the ‘Birds have been working on big time for the last two weeks.  We suspect the Eagles base defense will be nickel, in order to stymie the effectiveness of Brady’s hurry-up offense.  Malcolm Jenkins will have his big boy pants on with a full plate of Gronk, lining up 4 yards from the line of scrimmage in run support.

So how about the run game?  Got you covered there as well … the Eagles were the best in the league at run defense, allowing an average of just 79.2 yards per game on the ground.  They gave up just 7 rushing TDs all year and ranked 6th in yards allowed per carry.  Suddenly the Gillislee, Burkhead, Lewis trifecta doesn’t seem all that worrisome.

A quick review of the Pats defense:  They were ranked 30th in the NFL in pass defense.  Eric Rowe and Patrick Chung are key members of that defense.  Enough said.

WHEN the Eagles win this Sunday, there will be a vocal cry for the MVP of this game being the entire defense.  That’s how the Evil Empire will be set to crumbling.

Advantage:  EAGLES

We’re almost there folks.  Until then, the time is yours.

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  1. Anonymous · February 2, 2018

    Freddy Mitchell takes exception to your no #1 receiver comment #ThePeoplesChampion

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