6 Days of Super Eagles … Days: 4


And then there were 4.  4 LOONGGG days until redemption for the 2004 season’s Super Bowl.  You remember.  Same Patriots, same Brady.  So close but couldn’t seal the deal, falling to the Death Star by a measly field goal, 24-21.  But fear not Eagles faithful, today’s jersey selection and reason for ‘Birds glory this Sunday are sure to get the revenge juices flowing like Rocky facing Clubber Lang after Mickey’s death.

Day 4 Jersey:  Terrell Owens

Take a deep breath … lots of emotions bubble to the surface when the initials of Terrell Eldorado Owens are muttered to Eagles fans.  T.O. conjures both the best of times and worst of times for Eagle nation.  But make no mistake, this dude will go down in the annals of Eagle’s lure having given one of the most remarkable efforts EVER in professional sports.  T.O.’s on-field prowess cannot be denied.  He averaged nearly 100 yards per game during his short stint in Philly, the undeniable missing piece in Donovan’s arsenal that he never had before and certainly never had after.

But the defining moment that cements him as legend in Linc-ville, emblematic of all that is beloved in our blue collar ethos, was his comeback from a week 15 broken leg to play in the Super Bowl.  And not just play, but nabbed 9 catches for 122 yards… on ONE DAMN LEG!

T.O., your time here was too short.  But for one magical season, (cue Tina Turner) you were simply the best.


Day 4 Reason for Eagle Victory:  Vigilance

Interesting that with all of the scrutiny aimed at professional athletes off the field that something as rudimentary as signal stealing on the field could still possibly occur.  But according to recent acknowledgment by Steve Spagnuolo, Eagles linebacker coach during the 2004 Super Bowl season, that’s exactly what happened in that razor thin game.  Spags made mention that the late great Defensive Coordinator Jim Johnson was convinced of this during the game… that Darth Brady knew of blitzes every time Johnson dialed up pressure – even exotic stunts from defensive alignments the Eagles had never shown throughout the season!  Film review thereafter makes his claim all the more credible and, according to Spagnuolo, factual. (Research credit:  primaMurbase).

Why bring this up now, 17 years later?  Because if we don’t, history will repeat itself.  And that ladies and gentlemen is NOT going to happen.  The Eagles are well prepared this time to avert those prying eyes, going so far as more deeply coded play calls and multiple signalers should the audio system fail.  And on a level playing field, that razor thin 3 point loss 17 years ago becomes a W … which it is going to be this time!

Level playing field … Advantage:  EAGLES

Until tomorrow… time is yours.

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