6 Days of Super Eagles … Days: 6


If it’s not abundantly clear, the primatomma staff are 100% Eagles fans.  So if that’s a turn off to any evil empire Patriot fans, then go back to your cheating, criminal, anti-American ways while 99% of the country enjoys this post.

With the longest week EVER to endure for Eagles fans upon us, we offer you a brief respite from your anxiety leading up to Super Bowl LII.  Over the next 6 days, we will share with you the jerseys we have considered donning in the biggest game of our lives, Super Bowl LII.  Culminating with the winning jersey that virtually GUARANTEES a ‘Birds victory this Sunday!  And as a bonus, each day will feature the reasons why the Eagles will take home the Lombardi trophy.  These reasons are steeped in analytics, objectivity, and – we are under advisement – have been divinely inspired. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

Day 6 Jersey:  Custom

As a rule, primatomma is adamantly opposed to personalizing your jersey with your own name.  Can you say, “narcissistic”?  But that violation is shelved for any customized jersey with special meaning.  So our Day 6 Eagles jersey is an homage to our primaFounder’s 40th birthday (thus the “40”).  Shout out to primaFrenchie for this kind gesture.  Always a crowd-pleaser in your own home, but for the love of Pete, don’t wear your own name on your team’s jersey to the stadium or you deserve a beer shower.


Day 6 Reason for Eagle Victory:  Offensive Line

Its been said that football games are won in the trenches.  When looking at offensive line effectiveness, you have to look beyond the ranking of each unit by this season’s stats, which ranks both O-lines as a virtual tie.  If both teams have performed comparably, next level analysis focuses on two areas:  1) Experience of the unit, and 2) expected performance vs. opposing team’s Defensive Line.

  • The Eagles have a combined 343 career regular season starts, with the most starts being this season.  The Pats lag with 250 starts. Advantage:  Eagles
  • Looking at the D-Lines both offenses will be facing, the Pats are the 20th ranked run defense in the league.  They give up 4.7 yards per carry… 2nd worse in the NFL!  The Eagles love to run the ball.  Do the math… the Eagles by comparison give up almost a FULL YARD less per carry at 3.8 … which is huge.  While the Pats aren’t as run heavy as the Eagles, they are middle of the pack in terms of sacks allowed.  Translation:  The team that runs the ball better has a decided edge.  Advantage: Eagles

Back tomorrow with more insight.  The time is yours.

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