“The IRS is not enough”

Sports are the ‘great equalizer’.  One of the few places where race, religion, politics, and even gender are thrown out the window.  If you can get the job done better than the next guy, the job is yours.  Now that gets muddy in the age of guaranteed contracts, large signing bonuses, and the little league coach who starts his kid every game at second base because – well – he can.

Those situations aside, sports tell us all we need to know about a person.  Play 18 holes of golf with a stranger and you’ll know all you need to know about him.  Enter a locker room and it will take all of 5 minutes to identify the Alpha Dog; knock him on his as on the field and he quickly becomes Alpha Dog Sht.  And that kid who advanced the ultimate winning run on a fly ball to right field who’s pissed that his batting average dropped?  We sure as hell will never hire him.

In that vein, a local story emerged over the last week that tells us all we need to know about the people involved.

Seneca Ridge River Bend Basketball League (SRRBBL) is a nonprofit organization for children in grades three through eight in Sterling, VA.  That’s good.  The fact that their board’s financial management looks very negligent in the best-case scenario to downright fraudulent in the worst-case scenario is not so good.

You’ve heard this story a million times:  Headstrong individuals wrestle control of a league only to serve their own purposes vs. the families they are elected to represent.  As for SRRBBL, the jury is still out.  But the alleged fiscal mis-management is best summarized in the chart below.  Player enrollment fees should FAR exceed the gross income reported to the IRS in tax years 2012-2015.


So where did the money go?  That’s what concerned parents want to know, as reported by the Loudoun Times.  Since the story broke, anecdotes of vocal families who have questioned the board’s activities being black-balled, frozen out of “travel” team opportunities, etc. have come to light.

There’s enough smoke to this fire to warrant answers to the hard hitting questions raised by this group of frustrated parents.  Enough smoke that we support signing their petition – you should too.

There’s one more piece to this puzzle that is becoming increasingly clear.  We’re normally not fans of judging a book by its cover, but here’s the commissioner of this league of 3rd – 8th graders.  Who coincidentally had a lien placed on his property in 2013, an amount in excess of $60,000+, by the IRS.  Just sayin’:


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