’tis the Season … for primaSongs!

Let’s face it, Christmas songs suck.  (Editors note:  Yes, we said Christmas.  It’s not to say that we don’t respect your holiday, but we’re writing from a perspective of our experience, which is to say ‘Christmas’.  Therefore, keep your sniveling to a minimum about what YOU celebrate. The point will be the same, OK?  Now back to our regularly scheduled content.)  When the most innovative song is a “Little Drummer Boy” duet between androgynous rocker David Bowie and crooner Bing Crosby … in 1977 … well, Houston, we have a problem.

Fear not primaFaithful, for we have the cure to your yuletide blues.  Check out this melodic a cappella treatment of the 12 Days of Christmas from “Straight No Chaser” – just be sure to stay with it until halfway through where they make quite an unexpected transition:

Better yet are the kick-ass offerings of Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  The primaStaff saw these animals perform a couple of years ago and whether you be of the Christian Christmas variety, atheist variety, garden variety, or just like hard rock bands that test the limits of the eardrum with mind blowing lasers, this show is a must-see:


primaRating.  Congrats both Straight No Chaser and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, you both are primaAwesome:  ppp



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