The Adulting School … Really?


prima’s, it’s time to call BS on millennial coddling.  Now primatomma has been resolute to avoid piling-on this much maligned group that has become easy fodder for lazy journalists producing trite, tired stories on our entitled young adults.  You know, those who came to adulthood in the aughts who have never known the merits of hard work, self reliance, and responsibility?  As children, they received participation trophies, merit badges, and were offered test “re-takes” whenever they dipped below their expected level of “excellence”.  Now, they are marked by entitlement, cavalier attitudes about earning promotions, and slovenly appearance.

Enter “The Adulting School” …  A brilliant, if not ridiculous offering for our precious new adults who need some help with basic adult things.  Really?  Look, primatomma  has no problem with co-founders Rachel Weinstein and Katie Brunelle; kudos to them for the idea and pocketing some greenbacks.  Obviously that amount of initiative and  ingenuity makes them the anti-millenial.  But for the students???  Come on man!

Look, we get it.  Your parents sucked because they were too busy screwing around with the neighbors, blowing lines, or pawning you off on your illegal immigrant nanny who was more interested in her daytime drama than teaching you how to make your own peanut butter and jelly.  But aren’t you the tiniest bit embarrassed that you can’t learn this shit on your own?

Though not worth of a prima-rating, have a laugh by taking the “Adulting Quiz”:  Then go check your car tire pressure when done.  And be happy your not a #zip.


  1. William Tell · December 1, 2016

    As a homeless man, it’s difficult for me to look down on anybody.
    Difficult, but not impossible. I still manage to do it.
    I wonder who this author looks down on, and why.
    I was drawn to the original article at because, in my congregation, we are on the verge of possibly launching a similar course for the unspeakably poor around us who lack many of the same skills discussed here. How to make ends meet. How to settle a beef without using your fists, or worse. How to handle minor home repairs.
    Everyone has bootstraps. To meet a person where she or he is, one must accept that those bootstraps, for this person at this moment, are what they are.
    My friend Jeanette has schizophrenia and is homeless also. She manages somehow at all times to be impeccably dressed. I have no clue how she does that, but she does. Her disease and her self-care are both among her bootstraps.
    However imperfect my execution, I still strive to accept each person as she or he is.


  2. Denis Ian · December 28, 2016

    This mess is on us. It’s ours. We even paid for it. And now it’s in a sick, never-ending loop that doesn’t much change from day to day.

    All that media babble, the college idiocy, that politically-correct absurdity … all of that nauseating dysfunction … it’s on us. Condoned by our silence and financed by our sacrifices

    And now … now it’s hard to imagine a cure.

    It started not-so-long ago in an epidemic of self-esteem. Followed by a torrent of calligraphied certificates for simply standing around. Spit out in such a frenzy that folks ran out of refrigerator space.

    Then we stopped keeping score … and soon every kid got a trophy … even the last place kids … who all knew they were losers, but made to feel perfectly special about it. Tailpipes were never so full of smoke.

    We outlawed letter grades and substituted stupid-speak that said nothing offensive and revealed nothing. So blunt-speak became archaic and reality more elusive.

    And all along the way, the schools pounded parents into puzzling parenting.

    A swat on the bottom became child-abuse, water pistols a cause for suspension … and a ticket to the shrink. The line between boys and girls got real fuzzy-blurry. Playground games like tag were declared too touchy … and the monkey bars too masculine. Dodge-ball gone! And Boy Scouts had to accept girls … and so now girls have boys in their locker-rooms. Fair’s fair. Or is it?

    And no one saw this coming? C’mon.

    Then helicopter moms swooped in and groomed every speed-bump into a landing-strip of foam … choking off maturity by hand-feeding life to kids who grew into faux-adults who couldn’t deal with a contrary opinion, a rough word, or an election in which they didn’t even vote.

    Few escaped the madness. And as the kids got older, it got worse.

    Every dating misstep became a felony. Affirmative action for minorities gave way to white people with bad privileges. Segregation somehow became cool again. Changing your sex became a fashionable neurosis.

    College kids could major in anything their hearts desired … and then rage about the lack of jobs because they had an expensive degree in Musical Anesthesiology, Applied Vegan Hydroponics, or Feminology and the Male Myth.

    Middle class Americans … that’s some of you! … paid a politically-correct extortion tax disguised as college tuition so your kids could have a brighter future … if they could escape the clutches of warped, out-of-control Sixties’ retreads … and their faculty disciples … who think colleges are finishing schools for the next generation of tie-dyed bullshit artists who know nothing and never shut up.

    Everything is upside down.

    A whole generation …or more! … insists that life has never been this unfair. Not ever.

    And they claim unalienable rights to free tuition and jobs that pay well … but don’t take up too much time. There’s apparently a fundamental right to free medical insurance, extended vacations, comfortable living situations, and a worry-free world. I didn’t know that.

    They insist that America should open its borders and play James Taylor songs for those misunderstood medievalists who lop off heads and execute babies.

    They believe America’s the root of all evil … the planetary criminals whose greed grew deserts, melted glaciers, and almost killed off Charlie Tuna.

    America’s bad … and that’s that!

    And so … there they are. On full display. Crying in safe spaces and skipping mid-terms. Calling for a do-over election. Blaming the Russians or Wikipedia or fake news.

    This mess is on us. We let this crap go on for too long. Now we’re knee-deep in it.

    There’s a lesson to be learned. Learn it.

    Denis Ian

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    • primatomma80 · January 14, 2017

      Dennis, that is a damn good synopsis. The primaStaff applaud your well thought out response!


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