“Pour me Some Wine” … Give Me a Break

Pour Me Some Wine So I’m watching one of the morning news shows, which anymore is a morphing of Entertainment Tonight and an iMovie shot by my 15 year old, and I’m introduced to two fairly nice women, the authors of “Pour Me Some Wine”, Leah Speer and Katrina Epp.  Here’s where the niceties end.

The 5 minute segment  consisted of non-stop bitching about “how hard it is to be a mom”, and how they need a daily escape to get through the travails of raising children.  But there’s more:  Not only do they need such an escape to get through the unbearable misery of leg-tugging, nap times, feedings, etc., they also just cannot bear the thought of the same tomorrow.  The horror of having to be awaken by the tiny urchins who can’t sleep, etc. Eff that, its WINE TIME!  God knows that its much better to be woken in the wee hours with a hangover than it is sober.

Give me an effing break!  These women – and those of their ilk – act as if the Immaculate Conception was bestowed upon them as they magically awoke with child, like it or not.  How about this:  If you like the ability to sleep in, pound your vino, stay up late watching your cherished Netflix, DON’T HAVE A KID!  Or worst yet, MULTIPLE KIDS!

This phenomenon comes as no surprise … it’s emblematic of our “not my fault” society.  And/Or the “look at me and how tough my life is” society.  This shit is out of control.  The same broads who can’t stand missing a “Real Housewives” episode, what with their “own it girl!” manifestos can’t bear the same in their own lives.

This is not to say that motherhood is not challenging.  It is.  And prima-props to those of you who wake every day, take care of your kids, go to work or manage your home, help with homework, etc. … all with a smile on your face, forced or true.  YOU are truly amazing women, those that we are all proud to call “Mom”, “Wife”, “Step-Mom” and “Friend”.

So all you non-prima broads out there, listen up:  Many women chose expressly NOT to have children so as to maintain their idea of life quality.  Those of you who did – and enjoy the gift of unconditional love that children offer – please spare us with your bitching and moaning of “how hard mommihood is” and your life ambition to become a “mommoisseur”.  prima-women don’t bitch and moan about the decisions they’ve made.  And they certainly have no time for you self-serving, “whoa is me”, “I need a break” lemmings slowing down our Netflix streaming!

Happy Mothers Day to all of you prima-Moms and Step-Moms out there!



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